Meet the Team

Rob Oulton

Rob Oulton

Lead auctioneer with over 20 years of experience
David Palmer

David Palmer

Associate Auctioneer
An experienced and adaptable auctioneer since 1982



Our Auctioneers In Detail

Rob Oulton

Rob Oulton started auctioning at the tender age of 19. Now 24 years later, having enjoyed every minute as an auctioneer he undertaking sales as a freelance auctioneer. Over this time he has auctioned practically every commodity including fine art and antiques, collectibles, general household items, property, surplus and bankruptcy stock, horticultural produce, vehicles, plant and machinery and even livestock and poultry.

Rob has appeared many times on BBC1’s Homes Under The Hammer auctioning properties.

As a professional freelance auctioneer Rob has a strong and clear voice on the rostrum and frequently undertakes sales with in excess of 1000 lots, often auctioning for a few hours at a time. He has undertaken auctions in fields, shops, commercial premises, warehouses, pubs and of course the traditional saleroom environment.

He is willing to travel large distances to attend auctions on behalf of clients and is often to be found leaving home early in the morning with a spring in his step, looking forward to a day’s auctioning.

Rob is a well experienced auctioneer in every auction sale environment, is very adaptable to whatever rostrum he is occupying and is able to adjust the pace of sales and style of selling accordingly. Rob’s passion for rostrum work comes across in his auctioning style. His enthusiastic, vigorous and energetic approach keeps everyone engaged and helps to stop the crowd getting bored!

David Palmer

David Palmer started auctioning in 1982, and has concentrated on rostrum work since. He now feels he is beginning to understand the art. David has worked freelance for the past decade since becoming a house husband. He is an experienced and adaptable auctioneer who has sold everything and enjoys new challenges. All he requires is a PA system and an audience.

David has sold from fields, shops, private houses, theatres, nightclubs, cathedrals, market squares, restaurants and schools to name but a few locations. He now travels around 40,000 miles a year to attend a wide variety of auctions, including emergency relief cover for charities, corporate and commercial auctions. David has even undertaken 3 different sales in one day. He has conducted sales with only 1 lot to 2,224 lots which is the most to date in a single day! David also holds regular talks about his experiences and the life of an auctioneer to a variety of groups

Recognised for his colourful waistcoats, David can be seen on various television shows such as Flog It!, Bargain Hunt, and Cash in the Attic to name a few. He has even won the Anthea Turner Perfect Housewife Programme, and loves his tiara prize!

David has noted that nothing has a constant value, and prices are governed by the bidders and the enthusiasm of the auctioneer. His animated, informal and humorous style is known to bring positive results to auctions. David is aware that people need to be entertained as well as parting with their money. He aims to send home all bidders, successful or not, content and wanting to come back for more.